About Us

Snake River Wireless is adept at spearheading and guiding complex telecommunication construction projects for major service providers. Our team has a strong project management background with experience across a broad spectrum of systems. We are a technology conscious company with the ability to implement procedures and measures to optimize project completion. We excel at coordinating across all spectrums of utility management and work with electrical engineers, fiber providers, general contractors and other vendors to deliver project needs on schedule and within budget.

Site Walks, Utility Design is Our Specialty

Snake River Wireless delivers responsive site walk, utility design, right-of-way services and reporting for electric, natural gas, telco/fiber optic and cable utility coordination. 

Quality and efficient utility coordination can mean the difference of eliminating thousands of dollars in utility delays, missed construction schedules or interruption to delivery of power, backhaul and communication services to your project site.

Using our pioneering approach to problem solving, we find feasible, cost-effective solutions to project tasks in the rapidly advancing wireless, 5G and utilities environment, thus reducing time to market. Our extensive service enables us to serve as a link between utility companies, state and local governments, and local jurisdictions to offer our clients geographic reach for their projects. 

We can effectively and efficiently coordinate multi-utility projects in this dense infrastructure and continually changing regulatory environment.  

Successful utility coordination minimizes 

  • Relocation efforts
  • Surprises 
  • Delays 
  • Bottom line – COSTS

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